Pre Marital Training is A Skill building work shop for young people who are preparing for marriage.

PMT helps them to equip themselves with skills needed - to create a wonderful, happy and harmonious marriage life that is also stable.

This will guide them to have a fulfilling and satisfying marriage with their Dream Partner by

Developing Strong Emotional Bonds

Performing their Roles Responsibly

Meeting out each other’s Expectations

Sharing Common Goals and Bonds.

Educate them about the RED FLAG Issues in a marriage

The Skills needed to Resolve Conflicts

Avoid the PITFALLS of marriage , especially DIVORCE.

    Topics Include
  • Marriage As A Commitment
  • Each person’s Role in marriage
  • Couple interaction skills, Love languages and Sharing Intimacy
  • Communication Skill in marriage
  • Conflict Resolution Skills in marriage
  • Coping with Personality Differences, Different Family Origins and Individual Backgrounds
  • Financial Attitudes
  • Career and Educational Goals and Expectations
  • Information on Sexuality
  • Religious and Spiritual Values and Expectations

Pre Marriage Training workshops are conducted periodically either at Seminar hall attached to the Clinic or at Colleges and Office Premises of clients. Information about Workshops are available at the website’s Events Diary and also as newspaper advertisements. The PMT workshops are most effective when taken up 3 – 6 months before marriage or as soon as Talks or Plans of marriage arise or to Final Year College Students as the most important lifestyle education.

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