This is a Personalized Program intended to help Individuals as well as Couples to Enhance their Skills to build a Happy, Harmonious and a Stable marriage. This counseling is for you if you have problems like –

    Topics Include
  • You are overly Anxious or Confused or Scared about Marriage or your Prospective Partner
  • You have taken up VIVAHA MIND MATCHING Assessment and you have Doubts in some of the questions or your Partner’s Answers
  • You find it Difficult to make a Decision about Marriage
  • You have still not got over your Earlier Love Affair or other involvements
  • You are deeply In Love but your Parents Object to that and you Cannot Decide about which way to go
  • You are in love but that person is Not Interested in you Sexually and you are Confused.
  • You wish for a Specific Type of alliance at a Particular Time but Unable to Discuss this with parents
  • You Fear Sexual Intimacy
  • You want to know about Contraception(Preventing Pregnancy)
  • You want to know about Safe Sex or Condom Use
  • Any Confusion or Doubt or Worry regarding Marriage

Premarital Counselling – If you are a divorcee and wish to enter a new marriage relationship.
For Pre Marital Counselling , please fix up an appointment and consult Marriage Consultant either singly or along with your partner, whichever you find necessary or comfortable.

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